b3 Brazilian Bond Builder – PRO Size

Precise and easy measuring for all color formulations!

$XX 500mL (16.9 ounces) bottle
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b3 Brazilian Bond Builder – PRO Size

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of b3 Brazilian Bond Builder in a convenient, easy-to-use professional size. Designed with the busy colorist in mind, this bottle makes it easy to measure and mix b3 Brazilian Bond Builder into all of your color formulations and lighteners to dramatically reduce breakage and prolong color life with no added processing time.

What You Need To Know

Precise and easy measuring for all color formulations!

Why You'll Love It

This easy-to-use one-step system is added right to your color formulations and doesn’t add any additional processing time!

  • Helps prevent damage during all color services
  • Helps protect against loss of cuticle and cortex cells
  • Dramatically reduces breakage
  • Locks in color/improves pigment retention
  • No change to booking schedule
  • Compatible with all manufacturer formulations

How To Use It

  • Measures 1/8 oz. (3.5mL) to 1/4 oz. (7mL) depending on color service.
  • Remove both the outer cap and inner foil seal from your new b3 Brazilian Bond Builder Pro Size Bottle.
  • Insert the dosage dispensing system and tighten all the way down to ensure an airtight closure.
  • Once you have mixed your color formulation to desired consistency, gently squeeze the bottle until b3 fills to desired amount, making sure that the catch cover is loosened out of the locked position in order for liquid to flow.
  • Remove catch cover and pour product into your color formulation and mix thoroughly. Proceed with color application.
  • Please be sure to replace catch cover and twist into lock position when done to avoid spilling.

"B3 is hands down the BEST tool on the market for colorists! One step & easy to measure! It's great for all hair types and coloring techniques-I add it to every color I do! It's a t..."

- Jenni

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